Apartment Ravlic - Zagreb

School in nature

Nature Park "Lonjsko polje" is an attractive destination for school trips.

After enjoying the spacious beauty of the nature park, a rest in the countryside is the best thing.

Our farm is located in the heart of the "Lonjsko polje" the "Mužilovčica" village, famous for its large number of swallow.

The village is the main entrance to the retention, pastures and forests of Lonjsko polje", and thus location of our property is an advantage.

On the farm we offer a variety of content.

A tour of the rich ethnographic collections and unique collections of bells.

After a welcome followed by lunch at the local Posavina style and ambience that can not be forgotten.

We make dishes of food from our own ecological production, and serve them in the centuries old "sjenik" rearanged in a dinning room.

After a fine lunch, time for rest and play with the song in the shades of the orchard under the watchful eye of the host.

Children have at their disposal a variety of sports activities - football, basketball.

Playing with the farm animals - chickens, ducks, geese, goats, horses.

We offer authentic souvenirs and horseback riding with photo production.

Education with a guide, a tour of the rich ethnographic collection and learn about life and customs of "our ancestors".