Apartment Ravlic - Zagreb

Grandma's kitchen

Rich gastronomic offer consists of traditional dishes that take you on a journey through the history of the forgotten taste.

Domestic meat products from Turopolj pigs: sausages, bacon, ham, budola, cracklings.

Palette of cow and goat cheese with a variety of aromas.

Grandma's cream soups, soups made from chicken, ducks, geese with homemade noodles.

Dishes from cooking boiler: "Lonjska kotlovina", chicken, boiled rabbit with a lot of side dishes.

Fish Specialties: forked carp, roasted carp with vegetables, breaded carp, catfish, perch and pike, Sheat-fish in corn meal.

Baking: Posavina domestic goose and duck with "mlincima", potatoes, and rice.

Vegetables from our eco - kitchen gardens.

Domestic corn and wheat bread from recipe of our grandmothers.

Apple strudel and cheese, with walnut "gibanica" traditional butter cookies from - "kalupnjaki".